REVIEW: The Face Shop’s Jeju Volcanic Lava Clay Face Mask

December 10, 2017

Happy Finals Season, everyone! My two worst finals are over, but along with them came my worst fears: a stress breakout.

The stress from finals coupled with a visit from Aunt Flo and a diet consisting of ginger ale and Froot Loops has made a recipe for skin disaster. I’m hoping to clear up my breakouts as soon as possible so I’m not tempted to pick at them! I JUST got a handle on my scarring, and I JUST ran out of the serum that takes care of it best.

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On lazy acne days, I usually grab one of my favorite tea tree and pimple banishing Mediheal sheet masks. Instead, I’m trying The Face Shop’s Jeju Volcanic Lava Clay Face Mask. The Jeju Volcanic ash is supposed to be wonderful for absorbing sebum (aka oily skin) and it’s got a City Defender Complex to “help fight the effects of fine dust”. Pollution isn’t a huge issue where I live, but I appreciate this quality and claim in a product.


If you can zoom a bit, you’ll be able to see most of the ingredients list and the instructions, as well as where and for how much I paid for this mask! Yay clearance sections!


I don’t know what I was expecting out of a clay sheet mask, but it wasn’t this! This one is fun since the ingredients are soaked into a normal sheet that you layer on your face in two halves. It’s not at all like a normal serum mask; in fact, you’re supposed to rinse off the residue with cold water after you’re finished.


So much for a lazy skin day where I didn’t want to visit the sink multiple times!

The product is still super user-friendly and easy to use. Mist your face a bit or use a non-Western toner to dampen the skin. After you carefully tear open the package and pull out the mask, peel off the clear thin film from the top mask and layer it on your face. Do the same to the bottom half. Once it’s molded to your face and smoothed down, take off the white sheet and wait 30 minutes or until it’s dry. I recommend you don’t leave this on your face longer than directed; clay can dry out your skin more than intended easily!

I liked how this mask molded to my face; I don’t ever expect a sheet to lay flat on my face, and the two halves fit together well enough. It also smelled light and clean and not at all overpowering or earthy; if this makes sense, it smelled like products that make your skin tingle (but it doesn’t make you tingle).

Once my 30 minutes were up and I peeled back the mask, my skin definitely needed a rinse. I looked ashy and gaunt, but a quick dab in the sink left my skin looking fresh. It felt soft, smooth, and not at all dry, which was amazing! At first, I didn’t see any improvements in my skin except my blemishes being less red and pronounced. After a few minutes past, I definitely saw improvement! I have high hopes for my skin in the morning.

All in all, I’d repurchase this mask if I had the chance, but I do prefer silkier and more serum based sheet masks for the days I’m breaking out. If you look closely, it was being sold at Urban Outfitters for $8. I wouldn’t have paid that, but I was down for $1.99.

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Hope you’re all doing well this holiday season!