REVIEW: TonyMoly’s Gold 24K Mask

September 28, 2017

This one has been a long time coming because I’ve been waiting a hot minute to write about this! ✨

Earlier this year at KCON NY 2016, I scored a deal buying two of these Tony Moly Gold 24K face mask bottles at a tent. One was $15, or I could get 2 for $20. That was a no-brainer because I could walk away with a bottle for my best friend back home.

I had never used gold as an ingredient before, but I’d wanted to try it for a while. Peter Thomas Roth makes a cult classic gold jar of goop that all of my cute model friends wear, but I’d rather spend $80 on a Summer Package than a jar of goop.

Why do you hurt me, Peter. 💔

After finally getting to experience the miracle ingredient for myself, I can say gold is one of my favorite mask ingredients now. It’s luxurious, lifting, firming, and hydrating all at the same time.

The product comes boxed in a gold bar, which is the cutest idea ever! Like most Kbeauty enthusiasts, cute packaging is half of the reason why you bought the product in the first place. It made the mask seem so much more expensive and fancy than it really is!

e product itself was a soft gel that felt more like a shimmer lotion. On my NC50 skin, you can barely see it once applied. It’s got a soft sparkle and sheen to it in small layers and can appear a bit more yellow in thicker layers! You should aim to apply the mask generously and evenly! Because it is gel based, it will not necessarily set to dry when it’s time to wash it off. If the layers you spread were too thin, you may see less of an impact.

After you wash off after 10-15 minutes of waiting ⏰, expect to see a firmer, brighter, and softer complexion! Again, due to the gel base of this mask, you can use this multiple times a week without drying out your skin, which means you can chase these benefits whenever you see fit!

Always remember to follow up with your serums, moisturizers, and sleeping packs before you go to sleep, or an emulsion and an SPF if you’re about to tackle the day ahead of you. But only after you pat your cheeks and feel how smooth they are!

The only problem I had with the product is the fact that only the box had the instructions for use on it, which the bottle itself didn’t (at least in English). I know I need to leave the product on for 10-15 minutes then just rinse off with water in the sink, but it would be nice to have that sort of information at all times. Perhaps this is different with production nowadays, but I found myself googling instructions a few times after I threw away the box.

I bought this 100mL bottle in person from a vendor in New York, but you can find it around many corners of the internet anywhere from 10 to 20 dollars! There are plenty of other gold products in the TonyMoly family to try as well!

Happy masking! 🥇

p.s. I’m thinking of filming a comparison video of this mask to the more expensive Peter Thomas Roth jar, because I now own both. What do you guys think? Tweet me or leave a comment below if that’s something you’d like to see on the internet.