September 4, 2017


When I went to Seventeen in Dallas, two extremely memorable things happened.

One thing I cannot prove so I will not speak of it.

One thing I CAN prove.

I saw God.


It was Jun and Minghao performing My I…with ribbons??? Like sexy lil gymtasts in pants?? It was so ethereal. Life changing. Impactful. My thesaurus is telling me to chill.

Anyway, the first thing I did after the concert was try to find a video to remember the moment forever with since I’m not the kind of person who records at a venue unless she is front row. I tweeted a lot, I googled a lot, I even scraped into Tumblr.. and I really couldn’t find anything.

In the moment, I was embarrassed I’d clearly missed a Seventeen video! I was so upset at myself for missing such a PIVOTAL moment in history. I was so unprepared.

*NOTE, this was my second time feeling like this. I also miss rap line’s second upload that came after Check In. I’m still not even sure what it’s called.

Turns out I wasn’t at all unprepared. PLEDIS hadn’t released the choreography video for My I by the time Seventeen hit Dallas, so there’s really no way I could have been prepared for the Second Coming of Christ. Twice.

I don’t feel as bad.

And, now I feel even better because EVERYONE IN THE WORLD gets to get their blessings!

I say all the time how faux religious kpop makes me.