August 28, 2017

Let’s cut to the chase!

Amazon’s been making some BIG MOVES lately. From acquiring Whole Foods and slashing prices to having more viable and accessible international kpop order methods, I’m so excited to live in this day and age. I already placed a group order with a wonderful soul from twitter (@rosaxbts) so my stuff is taken care of, but this is a BIG DEAL for those of you who hadn’t preordered yet! This is a GREAT idea for Prime members. I already make a lot of kpop orders when it comes to albums on Amazon, as I can get some awesome deals on sets and DVDs. Especially since I’m a credit card holder, I can get 5X points on any purchase I make, which makes even even easier to spend those points on MORE MERCH!Will you be making a preorder? If so, how are you gonna do it? Leave a comment below!