SnackFever’s 2017 Mega March Snack Box!

March 30, 2017

I’m not gonna lie.

I only bought this for Ryan.

I knew this was gonna be sort of a college themed pack featuring Kakao friends, so I couldn’t resist upgrading to the mega box. 😩  I’m weak for you, Ryan.

But I’m super excited to eat stuff out of this month’s SnackFever box!
I discovered this company last summer at KCON LA and got a great discount on a Mega box, and it went downhill from there.

Trying to get all my snacks home from LAX to DAL was hilarious (read: infuriating) and worth it.

On the same night I opened the pack, I went for the tuna kimchi and rice package.

It was SO GOOD I tried to marry it. 😛

You can get a detailed list of the stuff typical for the March snack boxes on the official SnackFever blog!

I’m about to get on a flight for BTS in Anaheim… I’ll probably grab a few of those instant coffee packets next!

Holla at you later,